Amanda has been an amazing speech therapist but even more importantly, an amazing behavioral therapist for our son and behavioral consultant for me.
Her rapport with Sam is amazing.....she is direct and firm but also kind and enthusiastic.....a great combination!! She is also extremely dedicated to what she does and very proactive and organized.
She has had a wonderful impact on our son’s communication skills, and has been a tremendous asset in helping me focus on moving in a positive direction with him at home and at school.
I highly recommend Amanda!!!!!

- Mindy

My son is currently enrolled in the Social Skills group with Ms. Lindsey through A to Z Pediatric Therapy. He absolutely loves his time with her and the other kids. He is developing friendships and transferring the numerous skills he learns at home and at school. The outings have been incredible experiences for him. Being in the real world with kids and therapists he knows and trusts has been invaluable as he puts social skills and life skills into practice. Highly recommend this group!
- Rachel B.

Our son has been coming to A to Z for almost two years and we could not be happier with the treatment he receives. Their therapists focus on the whole child--they want to ensure our son is a communicator, not just a robot, repeating phrases over and over.  The staff is very positive and encouraging at each session which is what kids need (and parents too!). We love getting to see our child's progress so far and look forward to even more!
- Karen A.


Without the dedication and talent of Amanda, our daughter would never have made the strides she has made. Receiving an autism diagnosis at age 3, our daughter had words but no functional language.  This was complicated by sensory issues, feeding issues and major behavioral outbursts.  Amanda's tireless dedication to her - and Amanda's insistence on truly educating and training our whole family - has given us a highly verbal 9-year-old who is much more in control of her behavior and emotions. Amanda understands autism and treats the child holistically - not just expressive/receptive language therapy, but sensory issues, feeding and swallowing issues, and anything else the child needs to be successful. She also has been a great asset and advocate - working closely with her teachers, OTs, and doctors to be part of an integrated team approach.  In our opinion, you will find no therapist who is finer, more skilled and more dedicated than Amanda.
- Janel and Jason Schwartz

Amanda is the best of the best!  She knows children inside and out, and truly cares about them.  The progress that one can make with Speech-Language therapy from Amanda is unprecedented.  She knows how to teach even the most involved clients, and prides herself on being able to cultivate relationships with any and all people that she works with.  You cannot find services from anyone better than Amanda anywhere in the Atlanta area!!
- Paige Pearson, Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

My child has cerebral palsy and has been in speech therapy for a number of years.  Prior to Amanda, we had several speech therapists. She is leaps and bounds above the rest.  Our child performs for her and responds as with no other therapist.  Amanda does a remarkable job focusing on all the skills necessary for our child: cognitively, academically and socially.  I cannot recommend her more highly.
- Beth Burton

When my son was 2 ½, he was diagnosed with moderate autism.  He had no pragmatic language, severe sensory processing delays and extreme behavior issues.  Amanda has been working with our son for over four years and we are so grateful and awestruck by the progress he has made while working with her.  With Amanda by his side every step of the way, our son is a self-confident boy who now thrives in mainstream social and academic environments. 
Amanda does not simply treat speech delays.  She sees children as unique individuals and supports all of the complex issues that can make learning and processing challenging.  She has a keen understanding and respect for sensory processing delays and feeding challenges.  She strives to create a supportive and effective learning environment for the children she treats.  Our family is so grateful for the gift of learning she has given our son.   She is a valued member of our "dream team" of therapists and a cherished member of our family. 

- Jessica Goldberg, proud mother of Ari & Jack

My daughter has been working with Amanda for over two years, and has really made great progress.  Her school has complimented her speech and asked for Amanda's information for future referrals.  My daughter loves working with her, and looks forward to her visit each week.  She keeps the work on point and fun.
- Mother of a 6-year-old girl with articulation delays

The feeding therapy program at A to Z Pediatric Therapy has profoundly changed our son’s life as well as our family dynamic. When we first came to A to Z, our child was eating less than 15 foods. Mealtime was a constant struggle and typically ended in tears. Our child has sensory processing disorder and many elements of food and mealtime would overwhelm him. When we started working with A to Z's feeding therapists, our son was anxious around food and all mealtimes. He would get nervous just going to therapy. However, their friendly demeanor and positive strategies slowly started to have an effect. He began looking forward to going and gradually started introducing new foods in his diet. A to Z has given all of our family members strategies to establish healthy mealtime habits. We are now able to sit down as a family and enjoy the meal and more importantly, our time together. Our son now eats a wide variety of foods and is no longer afraid of meals. He has learned that food can be fun! We would wholeheartedly recommend A to Z to anyone that is dealing with a child who has food struggles.
- Stephanie K (mother to 5YO boy with SPD)

When we first started speech therapy, my son did not have any official diagnosis but we knew he needed some help in understanding and communication. As of his second birthday he was repeating a lot of words but understood everything we said to him. Then we began to experience the “melt-downs” when he was trying to communicate with us. When I started a search for therapist, I had no idea about A to Z. I talked to Jourdan for just few minutes on the phone and I knew instantly that she could help my child and get him through this. I went with my gut feeling and I am so glad that I did not go wrong. She helped him come out of the repetitive usage and start having a conversation. The play based approach and her attitude was enough to help my child see progress. In addition to that, he was so shy hiding behind me in the initial stages and he has made huge progress in Social skills that he is now a well known social butterfly with everyone. We never even imagined that he would blossom like this in just a year and half. There are simply not enough words of praise and/ or thanks for Jourdan’s commitment to our son. Jourdan walked into our life when we needed her most and I know any parent who finds her will feel the same way. She is amazing. Jourdan has just the right mix of caring and tough love; she knows instinctively when to push your child for more and when to take them at their own pace. When my son becomes successful in any profession when he grows up, I owe a portion of it to Jourdan. Big Thanks for all you do!!     -Kavitha P.


Amanda came into our lives when our middle son, Reynolds was 22 months old.  At that time, we were trying to wrap our head around a diagnosis of verbal apraxia.  The first time we met Amanda, we knew she was the Speech Pathologist for our family.  She was so amazing when she worked with Reynolds, which was important since he was a very frustrated two-year-old.  Some of his sessions were tense and difficult, but after understanding Reynolds’ needs better, she knew how to push him the way that he needed to develop and learn.  Growth happened quickly, because Amanda is truly gifted in working with our son.  This has led to a long, trusting relationship between them. Amanda has been a huge support for our family and we owe a lot of our son’s successes to her.  When Reynolds began at the Atlanta Speech School, Amanda was right by our side, helping us transition into this program.  Amanda was supportive from the onset and continued working with Reynolds’ teachers until his recent preschool graduation.  Watching Amanda bond with Reynolds over the past 3 ½ years is something that we cannot put into words. Our son is now almost 6 years old and he truly loves Amanda and is so happy each time she walks into our home. Her strongest attribute is her ability to constantly challenge him on so many levels - with grammar, speech, articulation and so much more.  My husband and I would recommend Amanda to any family and we truly believe anyone would be lucky to have her work with their child.
- Max and Dana Escher